Clandestine labs

Methamphetamine lab discovered in Victoria, Australia. Lab photo courtesy of Victoria Police Forensic Service Centre and the Australian National Council on Drugs

Clandestine laboratories are any facility used for the illegal manufacture of any drug, precursor, or essential chemical, and includes some standard equipment, such as:

  • Glass flask – Used to mix precursors, reagents and solvents in the illicit manufacture of ATS
  • Reaction vessel – The precursors and essential chemicals are mixed in this container to manufacture ATS
  • Shaker for reaction vessel – Used to shake the reaction vessel for thorough mixing of precursors and reagents to produce pure ATS
  • Hydrogen gas cylinder – Hydrogen is necessary for the chemical reactions that produce ATS. A line is attached from the cylinder to the reaction vessel during the mixing process.
  • Mechanical mixer – Used to mix methamphetamine with other substances, such as dyes and chalks, to prepare ATS for the tableting process
  • Tableting machine – Machine used to make tablets from ATS powder
  • Tableting punches – Used to press the design logo onto the ATS tablet


The following links explains some production steps in producing ATS.
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